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Ten must watch movies on National Science Day

Ten must watch movies on National Science Day


On 28th February, 1928, C.V. Raman, an Indian physicist, discovered an unusual phenomenon that was later termed ‘Raman scattering’. This discovery, that merited a Nobel Prize and sent a ripple through the scientific community, revolutionized multiple different domains of science and still forms the basis of varied applications in these fields. Raman was also honored by the Indian government with a Bharat Ratna for his path breaking work, and the momentous day of his discovery, forever inscribed in the annals of Indian history, is celebrated each year as National Science Day. 

On this day, the country pays tribute to all the innovative scientific revelations that part the clouds shrouding the vast skies of our uncertainty to unveil the pinprick luminosity of the fundamental laws that govern our planet and the cosmos. Science, with all its measureless possibilities that strive to catch up with an expanding universe, is buoyed by the headwinds of the imagination of movie makers and writers, who conjure up new possibilities from the raw materials it supplies. This list of movies recommended by FLYX, a streaming social network app, constellates ten such stories inspired by and potentially inspiring modern day science. 

  1. Avatar

A science fiction film of epic proportions, Avatar takes us to a moon orbiting an exoplanet in another star system, and introduces us to a fictional, sagacious species of humanoids called the Na’vi, with their own traditions and Gods. One of the highest grossing films of all time, this movie possesses all the elements that draw us to science fiction- advancements in human capabilities that come with both costs and benefits, and the potential to overcome hapless human greed with human compassion.

  1. Interstellar

If you have ever pondered over the answers to intriguing questions that may seem unascertainable, like, ‘What would I find if I ever survived to survey the inside of a black hole?’, then this movie is right up your alley. Exploring a world of possibilities outside of our habitable world, the Earth, Interstellar effortlessly navigates the realm of the unknown, and in the process, even opens our eyes to the power of simple, yet potent human emotions such as love. While the story is rooted in speculative theories, it grows from the firm ground of established scientific knowledge, making it both believable and breathtakingly imaginative. 

  1. Minority Report

A movie that facilitates the collision of the science fiction and mystery categories is bound to be both rare and a treat for those who love to devour fast paced stories from both genres. With precognizant humans who can predict future murders and a runaway policeman fleeing from the department he used to work for, the movie takes us on a meandering quest to search for the answer to an age old question- Is the future writ in stone, or can it bend under the force of human will? 

  1. A Quiet Place

In a movie permeated by the desperate need for quietude, the characters’ sentiments, and unvoiced fears speak on their behalf. Terror never relinquishes its icy grip, and a taut thread of tension strings the whole film together as a family tries to evade ruthless monsters in a dystopian world by wielding their silence as their most powerful weapon. 

  1. WALL-E

This animated movie, which came out in 2008, was featured on the top of Time’s list of ‘Best Movies of the Decade’, and for good reason. At the centre of the story is love like no other, between two robots, WALL-E and EVE. The broader arc of their tale also encompasses the discovery and protection of a life form that can potentially restore an Earth reduced to a wasteland as a result of heedless human exploitation of resources. A distinctive film that warms the heart and stimulates the mind, WALL-E‘s tale is one that you are unlikely to ever forget. 

  1.  The Martian

Surviving on some of Earth’s harshest landscapes is a challenge in itself, but what if one finds themselves all alone on Mars, abandoned and presumed dead? The Martian has an answer- They do all that they can to survive. Mark Watney is left to fend for himself on the hostile red planet, but with his resourcefulness, he makes the most of what he has. What happens next? You’ll have to watch this Golden Globe Award Winning Movie to find out. 

  1. Arrival

Arrival imagines a scenario in which a communication barrier exists between humans and extraterrestrial creatures. Two earthlings, Banks and Donnelly, attempt to comprehend the complex language of the aliens who have shown up on Earth, in an attempt to demystify the cause of their arrival. The quest for the answer is interspersed with flashbacks that Banks has of her daughter, who died at the age of twelve from an incurable illness. A gripping movie with a surprising conclusion, Arrival has rightfully earned its place in the American Film Institute’s ‘Movies of the Year’ list in 2016. 

  1. Back to the Future

There is no doubting the fact that any science fiction geek worth their salt has watched Back to the Future at least once. As one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time, Back to the Future chronicles the exploits of Marty, who travels to the past, and desperately tries to avoid a situation that could potentially set a Grandfather’s paradox into motion. 

  1. Ready Player One

Yet another film directed by Steven Spielberg on this list, but is that really surprising? A virtual reality adventure with challenges that test the players’ mettle, this movie was nominated for an Oscar, and (interestingly) also has cultural references to the aforementioned Back to the Future scattered throughout the film.

  1.  Snowpiercer

A film based on a French graphic novel, and directed by Bong Joon-ho (recently of Parasite fame), Snowpiercer takes viewers on a train journey through an ice age tundra on an Earth that has suffered the consequences of a disastrous attempt to avert global warming. It highlights the grim reality of class difference even in a microcosmic world where the last survivors of the human race cling to life inside a train that navigates a gelid world. 

Now that you have a list, which movie will you be watching to spark a groundbreaking idea into existence and fuel the speedy advancement of science?

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