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Introducing FLYX, The first streaming social network that helps you discover what and where to watch

Introducing FLYX, The first streaming social network that helps you discover what and where to watch

The past few weeks in isolation and observing social distancing has taken its toll on the public around the world. In between the daily obligations of working from home and taking care of chores, a topic of heavy conversation lately has been, what to watch on TV. There are too many choices and too many streaming services. What’s missing is a cross-platform service that aggregates content and provides quick and targeted recommendations.

FLYX is the first streaming social network that helps all users quickly find what and where to watch through the use of a unique algorithm that focuses on aggregating reviews from friends, family and contacts that you trust most on content across all major streaming platforms.

“Watching movies and shows has a huge impact in our social life and surprisingly none of the current social media captures it well enough. FLYX is inherently very social and fun to use,” says Shashank Singh, CEO & Co-founder, FLYX.

“FLYX is very simple to use. The stories function is addictive and the trailers keep me informed about new and upcoming shows,” says Mayank Mishra, COO & Co-founder, FLYX.

FLYX is available for free download now on both the Apple and Google Play stores!

An overview of FLYX


WHAT TO WATCH – what you watch is an extension of who you are and no one knows you better than your friends and family. Use FLYX to know what they are recommending and let them know what your favorites are.

DISCOVER TRENDING AND SEARCH – keep yourself updated with what movies and shows are trending across various platforms. No need to Google anymore!

WHERE TO WATCH – once you know what to watch, we know where you can watch. We are linked to 100+ streaming providers including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Hulu, iTunes, Quibi, Apple TV+, HBO, Google Play, Fandango, CBS, NBC, and many more.

CREATE FUN STORIES – you can create new kind of stories available only on FLYX. Stories can be about your favorite shows or you can ask questions, or let your friends know what you are watching. Post these fun stories to your Instagram and Snapchat too.

WATCH TRAILERS – one central place to see all trailers in a fun way and share trailers with your friends and also post on your social networks. We are Tik Tok of trailers!

UNIFIED WATCH-LIST ACROSS PLATFORMS – with FLYX you can create your watchlist on the go and add movies and shows in one central place regardless of where they are available.

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