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Celebrating the stories of 8 powerful women from the film and TV universe, this Women’s Day

Celebrating the stories of 8 powerful women from the film and TV universe, this Women’s Day

When faced with challenging times, if you close your eyes, you can see them. Their fortitude is unparalleled, and their resolve lances through the impenetrability of incertitude like arrowed sunlight through nebulous fog. You can also imagine them when they are vulnerable, or gripped in the talons of fear, or even when sorrow drags them down with its great weight. However, it is during these times that we can truly admire their power for what it is- steady and unwavering, a soul-deep flame that does not flicker, even when buffeted by gales of tribulation. 

All of us have known and sought inspiration from such women, both real and fictional. Their brilliance seems to stir our own capabilities out of latency, and drives us to become the best versions of ourselves. On the occasion of Women’s Day, FLYX honours such revered women, from films and shows, whose luminescence has touched every genre. 

  1. Carol Danvers- Captain Marvel

When writing about brilliance, one would be remiss not to mention Captain Marvel! She glows with it, as radiant as the stars that are no limit to her. Her abilities are unmatched, and she motivates every little girl to harness her strength and dream of liberating the world in a way only she can. Plus, she reminds us, time and again, that we have nothing to prove to anyone but ourselves. 

  1. Celie Harris- The Color Purple

Celie’s story in the movie ‘The Color Purple’ often takes us through stark despair and hopelessness. We witness her cruel abuse, we see the voice of her will being forcibly silenced, we see her being treated as less than human. And yet, we also see how the women in the story look to each other to unearth, once more, their self worth and their fighting spirit, that had been buried under all the callous brutality that they had been subjected to. Together, they rise above it all, and their love for each other and for themselves, once awakened, is a force that dissipates all malice. 

  1. Shivani Roy- Mardaani

Injustice can often seem to be an insurmountable mountain, one that casts a shadow that falls far and affects countless innocent lives. While most people would quail before such a mighty adversary, Shivani is fearless, and immediately equips herself to scale the mountain. Her path is treacherous, but many young women are relying on her, and to save them, she takes on the task of fifty men upon herself, and emerges victorious, leaving us all with a collective sense of triumph. 

  1. Mulan- Mulan

Mulan’s journey begins with her struggling to find her true self, even as she gazes into a mirror and surveys her own reflection. It concludes with her opening her heart to her true self, saving China in the process! Hers is a tale of epic proportions, and one that inspires every little girl to embark on her own quest to discover all that makes her special. 

  1. Dana Scully- The X-files

Exceptionally intelligent, and with a plethora of skills at her disposal, Dana Scully’s acute insights and scientific inclination make her an admirable character. Her determination and resilience shine through even as she battles to save humankind from extraterrestrial creatures. She has her flaws, but she doesn’t let them stop her from doing what is right, and as fans, it is what we strive to do too! 

  1. Jo March- Little Women

How can one not love Jo March? Fiery Jo March, who loves her sisters with her whole heart, Jo March, who is passionate about writing and stories, who seeks to find her place in the world even as she contemplates the limitations of her sex. Her life, her defiance, her meteor bright luminosity, and her craving for freedom are all sentiments that have struck a chord in the hearts of millions of women throughout the world. 

  1. Okoye- Black Panther

Warrior extraordinaire and leader of the Dora Milaje, Okoye awes us all with her combat abilities, and also with her undying loyalty to the king of Wakanda. She is a general who will stand by the side of the rightful king and fight, even if it means making the difficult choice of turning against her own tribe. She embodies the warrior ideal, and is a peerless soldier, and all of these qualities make her an excellent role model for all us to emulate.

  1. Amrita Sandhu- Thappad

When asked to accept an instance of domestic violence and put it behind her, a demand that millions of women before her have had to hear, Amrita refuses. Her whole life, she has given up parts of herself to appease the members of her family and her husband, and she will no longer watch her identity be stripped away from her. She asks for her husband to be held accountable for his actions, a request that should seem simple enough, but for which she is antagonized. Even as everyone she has known turns against her, Amrita stands tall, and fights for herself, channeling the voices of so many women like her in the country, who refuse to tolerate the dismissal of their humanity and the presence of hapless barbarity in society. 

Now that you have read about all of these characters, let the inspirational energy that buzzes in your spirit galvanize you to do something consequential and make a positive difference in the lives of all the women in the world as a feminist. 

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