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Five movies to set the mood for Valentine’s Day

Five movies to set the mood for Valentine’s Day

Annually, across the world, the romance and beauty of love is celebrated each year on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. On this day, people endeavour to lay the landscapes of their love bare before those they cherish, and often seek external inspiration to embellish their own sincere efforts. Movies, of course, are the ideal, self-replenishing wellsprings of epic motivation, of the kind that can only be born of a stirring story that moves hearts. Here are five such films that have blazed through the serene skies of creativity studded with the stars of mainstream love stories like comets, leaving a trail of adoration in their wake.

1.      The Notebook

Based on a book bearing the same name by Nicholas Sparks, this movie takes you through it all- the beatific bliss and the searing sorrows- that come with heartfelt love. It also chronicles love through the various different stages of life, and highlights how steadily its flame burns without dimming with the passage of the years. A film with its own cult following, this is one movie that has fuelled the popular imagination for years.

2.      Kal Ho Naa Ho

This movie highlights how the selflessness of love can be a source of both liberation and pain, and is an amalgamation of multiple genres- romance, comedy and drama. It also plays with familiar tropes such as love triangles, but in its own innovative way. Plus, can you ever go wrong with a movie that casts Shahrukh Khan in the role of the romantic lead? We think not.

3.      Love actually

Love actually, with its assortment of romantic tales, each depicting one singular aspect of the multifaceted kaleidoscope that is love, is for when just one story isn’t enough. Examining the various manifestations of love through the eyes of a diverse cast of individuals, this iconic movie is, in the end, an ode to the powerful emotion and its ability to transform crucial parts of our lives and ourselves.

4.      Barfi

To say that this particular love story is sui generis would be an understatement. There are so many elements of this movie that make it endearingly distinctive, from a novel love story to an unforgettable cast of characters. The eponymous Barfi is a vibrant young man who is deaf and mute, and his childhood friend, Jhilmil, is autistic, but that doesn’t stop us from loving them, rooting for them and thinking about them long after the movie has ended.

5.      Titanic

No Valentine’s Day list would be complete without Titanic, and there is a good reason why. Almost everybody and their mother knows the basic outline of the movie’s plot, but it is worth watching, and re-watching, for the sake of the cinematic experience and nostalgia alone. The romance unfurls with the delicacy of spring buds flowering, as the characters, portrayed by a young Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, discover the joys and the passions of young love. While the tale does ultimately culminate in tragedy, it succeeds, like Romeo and Juliet, in convincing watchers that there is no force in the world that is greater than love, and even when it burns with the transience of a supernova, its brilliance is unrivalled.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your feelings take flight, and let these movies serve as the ‘wind beneath your wings’!

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