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Top 7 trending shows and movies by Flyx

Top 7 trending shows and movies by Flyx

Let’s tidy the clutter in our watch lists with Flyx

While we try to stay home and stay safe, online movies and shows seem to be the biggest respite and route to entertainment. So what are you watching this weekend? We are definitely confused. With gobs of content available on every streaming site, we tried to make the selection a tad bit easier.  

Here is a list of top 10 trending shows and movies that are sure to make it to your immediate watchlist, if they already haven’t.

  1. Indian matchmaking – Netflix

A deep insight into the country’s traditional arranged marriages, Indian Matchmaking takes us through how Seema Taparia, a famous match-maker from Mumbai, guides her Indian and NRI clients in the US in the matchmaking process. It is funny, it is sometimes ‘cringy’ but the world can’t seem to get enough of it. Spawning hundreds of memes and jokes, it has definitely seeped into our watchlist.

  1. Dark – Netflix

Set in a German town, Dark is a Science fiction thriller that seems to have shattered the Internet. Dark starts with the disappearance of a child which exposes the secrets of four families as they unfurl a time-travel conspiracy. The show has been called ‘mentally exhausting, ‘one of sci-fi’s best’, a ‘time travel puzzle’, and even a ‘masterpiece’.

  1. Breathe: Into The Shadows – Amazon Prime

A psychological thriller and an Amazon Prime Video original series, the show brings about a melange of mind-boggling twists with cliffhangers. If you have a penchant for murder mystery thrillers, you should definitely not miss out on this one.

  1. GreyHound – Apple TV Plus

Tom Hanks’ Greyhound shifted gear from the box office to streaming this summer and boy was it the greatest move! The movie has broken the viewership records at Apple TV Plus and became the largest weekend release. The success of this World War II drama has ramped up Apple’s efforts in feature films.

  1. The Old Guard -Netflix

The Old Guard is one of the top 10 most-watched movies on Netflix. The show revolves around a group of mercenaries who are all immortals and imbibe the ability to naturally heal themselves. They find out someone who is onto their extraordinary secret and fight to protect themselves.

  1. Aarya – DisneyPlusHotstar

An impressive comeback of Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen, Aarya is an enjoyable series. It is based on Spanish series Penoza. The series is about a woman who is propelled to take charge of her dodgy family business. ‘Afeem se dawaai banti hai, aur heroin bhi(‘Medicine is made using Opium and so is heroin’) is the motto that the family swears by.

  1. Ghostwriter – Apple TV Plus

Daytime Emmy Award winner Ghostwriter is one of the best children’s or family viewing programs. It is an interesting piece of fiction that revolves around a ghost in a neighbourhood bookstore that brings together 4 kids who fight for the freedom of literary characters. 

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