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“Breathe Into The Shadows”: A Cliched Thriller Which Doesn’t Leave You Breathless

“Breathe Into The Shadows”: A Cliched Thriller Which Doesn’t Leave You Breathless

A psychological thriller and an Amazon Prime Video original series, Breathe: Into The Shadows was released on 10th July 2020. The web series consists of 12 episodes, 50 minutes each. That is a lot of time to dedicate to a series and we want to help you decide if it’s worth it. Spoiler alert 🙂

The series largely revolves around a successful couple, Avinash Aggrawal, played by (Abhishek Bachan), a psychiatrist and Abha Sabharwal played by (Nithya Menen) a chef and their daughter, Siya played by (Ivana Kaur). The story starts with the couple’s 6 year old daughter, named Siya getting kidnapped at a friend’s birthday party. In spite of all their efforts the couple and the authorities are unable to find the child. And then suddenly after nine months they receive a letter and an iPad with a montage of their daughter along with a young girl – the series indicates that both have been kidnapped at the same time.

The kidnapper, a deranged masked man with a long yellow hoodie is willinging to negotiate Siya’s life if Avinash and Abha execute a series of killings of innocent people, who were ironically related to Anivash’s past. Desperate to get their daughter, the couple agree.

Kabir Sawant (Amit Sadh) plays a righteous cop who comes to the resuce and leaves no stone unturned to solve kidnappings.

The show brings about a melange of mind boggling twists with cliffhangers, where the couple orchestrates a series of bizarre and ineffable things in order to save their 6 year old daughter, who is a juvenile diabetic and needs regular insulin shots. Overall, it’s a predictable murder-mystery psychological thriller.

Our verdict:

  • Breathe: Into the Shadows loses in comparison to the current thriller series such as Patal lok. The script is predictable and boring in the first 5 episodes and even when it does pick up in the later half  –  acting just doesn’t support it
  • The highlight of the series is Amit Sadh, who plays the cop role yet again very well and performs really well 
  • The one thing missing is the struggle of Abhishek as a psychiatrist – when he goes on a murderous rampage
  • The ultimate unraveling is also very lame and too bizarre to believe
  • If you have a penchant for murder mystery thrillers, should watch it

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