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Breaking: Natalie Portman is the New Thor! Sleek Thunder Awaits…

Breaking: Natalie Portman is the New Thor! Sleek Thunder Awaits…

The year 2019 looks very promising to the women, atleast in the entertainment segment. With the Captain Marvel being projected as the strongest Avenger, and the induction of Lashana Lynch, a black female, as a British spy 007, it was only natural that Marvel will go a step forward. And they did.


Natalie Portman who played the role of Thor’s (Chris Hemsworth) scientist girl friend in the Thor sub series of Marvel, will be seen as female Thor in Thor 4 alongside Chris Hemsworth.

It was announced at the Marvel Comic Con in San Deigo where several other Marvel movies were announced too. Thor 4 is titled “Love and Thunder”. What could possibly be the storyline for this given the end of End Game. With Valkyrie been given the throne of Asgard (on Earth), will the King Thor and Queen Thor be wandering the universe as freelance S.H.I.E.L.D. agents or will they be operating from Earth? Whatever it be, they might as well rope in The Big Dawg, The Beast Slayer and The Lunatic Fringe. Is HHH reading this?

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