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Marvel on a roll, Announces 11 new releases

Marvel on a roll, Announces 11 new releases

As soon as the End Game became the highest grosser ever after overtaking Avatar, Marvel made a big announcement at the Comic Con 2019 in San Diego.

Stills from Marvel Universe. Courtesy: Instagram

The staggering 11 new releases will be in theatres and web in the space of 24 months. We are going to see 1 Marvel release almost every 2 months. It may be a huge announcement, though keeping in mind that they have raked in $2.79B with End Game, we can only imagine how many games are they going to end with this grand announcement and the things to follow.

Meanwhile, take a look at the movies and originals which will be released till 2021.


Wow! That’s a proper carpet bombing, but we will wait for DC to respond with the follow ups on their earlier announcements. Which one of these are you planning to watch ?

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