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Mother’s Day Special: Watch these films to relax and reinforce your bond with your mom

Mother’s Day Special: Watch these films to relax and reinforce your bond with your mom

Today is Mother’s Day, and we are sure your plans are all in place. You know exactly how to make your mother happy, to make her day special, to let her know just how cherished she is and to demonstrate your love for her. Whatever you do for her today, you know it will never amount to how she effortlessly ensures that every day of yours stands out as extraordinary. To celebrate the astronomical vastness of the affection, fortitude, resilience, selflessness and ineffable beauty that characterizes motherhood, we have got your post-celebration, leisurely respite covered with these five movies about mothers who moved mountains and altered the course of planets, all for the sake of their children. 

  1. Mother India

Our first recommendation certainly comes as no surprise, for it would be a sacrilege not to include Mother India in a list of movies dedicated to mothers. Mother India is both the story of one powerful woman who perseveres against all odds, and a representation of the Goddess who is referred to by the same name and personifies the Indian ideal. Nominated for an Academy Award, the conception and reception of this paradigm shifting film were a reflection of the misconceptions about India that still persisted in Western nations. 

  1. Bird Box

Malorie is a mother trying to navigate a perilous post-apocalyptic world with her two children, but here is the catch: They have to do it blindfolded. If they risk glancing upon the ‘entities’ who are plaguing their world, they will be forced to orchestrate their own deaths and commit suicide. Too many lives have been lost in the endeavour to find a safe place, and now their mother is the only person the children can rely on to protect them, and bring them to the only refuge that awaits them. 

  1. Mom

When her step-daughter’s life is thrust into the deepest depths of darkness, and the judicial system fails her when she needs it the most, Devki resolves to take matters into her own hands and make the monsters who assaulted her pay for their heinous crimes. Devki’s love for her daughter fuels her mission, and their complex relationship emerges as a stronger bond at the end of their ordeal. 

  1. Brave 

Set in medieval Scotland, amid the breathtakingly beautiful glens and glittering lochs of the Scottish Highlands, Brave focuses on the chasm between main character Merida’s and her mother’s beliefs. An unexpected turn of events, however, thrusts both mother and daughter into adversity and tests the strength of their bond. Merida’s mother’s future and the future of her kingdom hinge on her ability to ‘mend the bond torn by pride’, and her love for her mother is the only tool she has at her disposal to do just that. 

  1. Badla

Attempting to summarise a ‘whodunit’ film without giving away crucial plot points is a difficult endeavour, but if we could encapsulate Badla in one sentence, it would be this: A mother pits herself against a formidable adversary and goes to great lengths to avenge her son’s murder. 

Now that you have our recommendations, which one of these movies will you be watching with your mother tomorrow? Or, even better, we suggest you dedicate the entire next week to your amazing mother, and set aside an hour or two to watch one film each day! 

Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

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