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You Season Two: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

You Season Two: Netflix Release Date, Cast, Plot and More

‘You’ is a web thriller series based on the novel of the same name, created by Caroline Kepnes. Lifetime was responsible for the production of the first season and has since changed hands to Netflix who are now the sole company responsible for the thriller series. The show was first aired by Lifetime in September 2018 for a selective audience; later Netflix picked up the show and released the first season to the world on December 26th and after the success of the first series its second version was decided to be built which will be based on Kepnes’ second part called Hidden Bodies. The second season is set to be released sometime in December 2019 like earlier.

The story follows book store manager Joe Goldberg and his obsession with aspiring writer Guinevere Beck. After meeting Beck and deciding she is the woman of his dreams, Joe will stop at nothing to manipulate events and supplant the people in her life to ensure he is in hers. With a deadly obsession comes a deadly motivation and it’s not long before those that stand in between Joe’s love for Beck enter the firing line.

At the end of Season 1 of ‘You,’ we find out that Joe murders his girlfriend, Beck after she finds out that he’d killed several people in her life during his pursuit of her. In an interview, Lail explained, “I am sad to not continue that journey with him.” She also lamented the fact that women so often die on-screen at the hands of men: “The unfortunate thing is, the woman doesn’t win in the end. And I’m so sick and tired of that.”

However, as fans of the first season already know, Joe’s ex-girlfriend Candace (played by Ambyr Childers) appears in flashbacks and premonitions throughout the show. And despite the fact that it looks like Joe had killed Candace when their relationship ended, she shows up in the finale, as if back from the dead. By that rationale, Beck could also be back in one form or another.

Gamble recently told that Season 2 of You won’t follow the second book in the series—Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes—exactly. Gamble explained, “We’ve got lots of great stuff from the books, and also some new things that have come about as a result of changing the story for TV, like that (spoiler alert) Candace is alive and kicking and not pleased with Joe.” It’s also worth noting that several characters were still alive at the end of Season 1 of You, despite Joe’s best efforts to finish everyone off. As pointed out by Narcity, “Paco, Dr. Nicky, Beck’s BFFs, all of Peach’s family, and obviously, Candace,” are all alive and could cause trouble for Joe.

Season 1 stars of You: Penn Badgley, Elizabeth Lail, and Shay Mitchell.

As the story will lead to Joe leaving New York City, we are unsure which cast members will be returning. Assuming Joe’s past will return to haunt him we fully expect some cast members to reprise their roles. The first big new cast announcement came in January 2019 with the announcement that one of the actresses that starred in Netflix’s Haunting of Hill House would be playing the role of Love Quinn.

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In March 2019, Charlie Bennett who appeared in Netflix’s Russian Doll was confirmed to be joining the cast for season 2 and few other stars will be Actor James Scully from Heathers, Jane the Virgin star Jenna Ortega.

Ambry Childers has also been promoted to a series regular and will reprise her role as Candace. Gotham’s Robin Lord Taylor has been cast for a recurring role in Season 2 of You.

An official episode count is yet to be announced. Considering most Netflix shows air with 10 episodes we are fully expecting the second season of You to follow suit. Each episode will roughly be around 60 minutes. While we wait for more updates, check out the above trailer to refresh your memories. If you haven’t seen the show yet head over to Netflix to catch all the episodes of the previous seasons.

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