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The Toys That Made Us Season Three: Netflix Review

The Toys That Made Us Season Three: Netflix Review

‘The Toys That Made Us’ is an American docu-series created by Brian Volk-Weiss. The first four episodes of season one based on Star Wars, He-Man, Barbie, and G.I. Joe aired on December 22, 2017, while season two showcased Star Trek, Transformers, LEGO and Hello Kitty which aired on May 25, 2018. Soon, major gaps will be filled with Season 3 wherein episodes featuring new toy lines and will be released on Netflix on November 15, 2019.

Per Netflix, “The minds behind the smash-hit Netflix series The Toys That Made Us are back with their signature brand of insight, wit, and unadulterated love of all things toys! What does the future hold for the continuing series about the toys that we all know and love? Season 3 features Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, My Little Pony, and Wrestling Figures.”

The panel also announced a new spinoff series, which is set to release in Q4 2019. “Netflix and The Nacelle Company, the brains behind the hit docu-series, The Toys That Made Us, are bringing you a new, equally deep nostalgic dive into pop-culture that entertained the masses. The Movies That Made Us will have you cheering on John McClane and Kevin McCallister in the Christmas Eve battles of their lives. It will have you dancing the night away with Johnny and Baby while tapping into the supernatural with a team of ghost-busting scientists,” according to a synopsis from Netflix.

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Here is the Instagram link for a just-dropped teaser trailer for The Toys That Made Us Season 3, which, besides showcasing the toy lines set to be covered, reveals the show’s newly-revised theme song, reflecting the lyrical change of “continuing” series, rather than the old “8-part documentary series” line. The first two seasons of The Toys That Made Us are now available to stream on Netflix.

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