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Like Horror shows? Here are some of the best horror shows on Netflix

Like Horror shows? Here are some of the best horror shows on Netflix

Horror flicks and shows are addictive, no matter how much they scare people, they still have a high viewership. Its not for nothing, that horror flicks such as Conjuring, Insidious, et al did very good at the box office.

Now, if you are a genuine horror fan, we are here to help. We don’t mind even if you are a pretentious fan.

Here are the best horror shows on Netflix at the moment


Almost everyone in the biblical world knows who Lucifer is. For the newbies, its the devil, the Satan himself. Lucifer doesn’t like God and forces people to sin around so they can go to his abode which is hell. However, there is a twist here. Lucifer here has come to earth, lives like a human, runs a fuckin night club in LA, and assists LAPD in solving criminal cases. Change of heart, Satan ?

Haunting of the Hill House

Based on one of the best horror novels, it is a spell binding show and with all the supernatural elements, it is scary as fcuk. Its about a family which is renovating an old house which is creepily haunted and go through their worst nightmares. Members of the family return to confront the ghostly creatures later. Whatever happens then is enough to raise your strands. Don’t miss it.


Your first thought is Yikes, another Zombie show. Wait for it, its not what you have seen so far. No, we aren’t upselling it (we don’t get paid for this). The plot deals with a medical examiner who is actually an undead and can survive only by eating the brains of the corpses. That makes her know everything about the dead one, and ends up solving critical cases. Got to give it to the writer of this. Not all horror shows should give you nightmares. Some can be funny too.

There are several others but we will come back with them later. Till then, chew on these.

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