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Money Heist season 4: plot, release date and what to expect

Money Heist season 4: plot, release date and what to expect

If you live for the latest Netflix binge, chances are the Spanish drama La Casa de Papel – known here as Money Heist – has snuck into the vault of your heart and stolen a hefty wedge of love. Whether you’ve raced through the first two seasons of the show or are simply looking for something new to feast your Netflix craving brain on, you’ll be elated that Money Heist season three just dropped.

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Its frenetic pace always leaves you wanting more

As Decider mused, the show is savvy in its use of these magnificent characters, making for a frenzied, taut story. “As with all great heist thrillers, each individual slowly unravels; whether they’re letting go of a long-kept secret and losing trust or getting captured by the police due to abandoning a plan, no one is safe from themselves or from the law enforcement just waiting to pounce.”

The stakes are high but the story is also full of surprises, making it feel all the more imperative that we know exactly what’s going to happen next – especially as new complications emerge every damn episode. Like a criminal who has trapped themselves within a situation in which there’s no simple escape, Money Heist is a riveting, inescapable show with a narrative jackpot at the end of it. S3 can’t come fast enough.

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