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The Newest Shows on Netflix you must watch – Part 3
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The Newest Shows on Netflix you must watch – Part 3

Here we are with another fresh list for you to Netflix and chill

Mindhunter is back

If you are interested in Detective stories and how criminals are caught, you are in for a treat. FBI agents have upped their game and now they are reading the psych of the criminals to understand why are they committing crimes and what could be the next move. You bet you are going to love the Season 2 of Mindhunters.


Comedy at its best. Imagine you are about to become a father and you find out that you had 5 more siblings you never knew anything of. Now you are tracking your long lost family. Only on Netflix.


This one is an epic series. There are many patients who have illnesses which are never detected and when they are out of money due to all those medical tests, they are abandoned by life. Dr Lisa Sanders is putting a stop to all of it. Diagnosis is a medical documentary series which taps into crowdsourcing for finding the details which even the best doctors could not find out. An epitome of empathy and willing to help. A Must watch.

There are more but we would like you to finish these first and come back for more. Happy binge watching Netflix.

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