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Not Friends, Not HIMYM, COUPLING was the real deal in the friendship genre
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Not Friends, Not HIMYM, COUPLING was the real deal in the friendship genre

Most people get nosstalgic about Friends series whenever the topic related to frienship comes up. The series ran for several years on TV, and then re-ran on “public demand” and then re-ran again. Friends meeting each other everyday, sitting in the pub, discussing plans, falling in love, ditching each other, gossiping and patching up. These are the common scenes of the series.

Similarly, How I Met Your Mother was planned and worked well for quite sometime untill people started realising that Ted Mosby is taking them for a ride and the series is being stretched. Though a wonderful series with some great camaraderie learnt, HIMYM couldn’t produce the magical finish.

However, what really stood apart was the BBC sitcom “Coupling” which was the funniest, the quirkiest, the most amazing, the most hilarious sitcom you will ever find. Lasting 4 seasons, Coupling won several awards and accolades and was the best British sitcom twice. For the newcomes, it is based on six neurotic and sex obsessed people (all in a light way) sharing pointed barbs at each, often fall in love (sometimes to a girl in a train just by looking at her calf muscle), tipping passionate relationship advices, and what not.

It was aired on Netflix till 2015. If you have watched Coupling yet, then either download it today or watch on youtube. Steve and Jeff are waiting for you.

Here are the few glimpses of the sitcom to warm you up before it consumes you for good.

The best fuckin show on earth.

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