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Blinded by The Light: A beautiful tribute to Bruce Springsteen
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Blinded by The Light: A beautiful tribute to Bruce Springsteen

Its not always that we get to watch a beautiful story unraveling like music and at the same time pays a rosy tribute to a legendary musician. Bend it Like Beckham fame Gurinder Chaddha’s Blinded by The Light does exactly that.

Blended by The Light is a story of young British teenager of Pakistani origin who is trying to figure out the life full of racist outcries, and attempts to make do with the behaviour of his traditional working class father. The turmoil turns him towards music and gradually he finds solace in Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics of “The River” and “Born to Run” as he could connect with the messages of hope, struggle and redemption.

The movie and the character of the boy named Javed (played by Viveik Kalra) are based on the memoir “Greetings from Bury Park” written by the journalist Sarfraz Manzoor.

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Trailer: Blinded by The Light

Its a wonderful ode to Bruce and we hope that you all will make an attempt to watch this beautiful movie.

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