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The Newest Shows on Netflix you must watch – Part 2
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The Newest Shows on Netflix you must watch – Part 2

Netflix produces and airs so many shows that by the time you get to know of a show, it may well be a week or two old already. But we won’t let that happen to you in case you are fond of reading and Flyx-ing.

Here are some of the newest shows on Netflix

Wu Assassins

In a plot not so similar to Clarke Kent being Superman to save the world, this one runs in reverse where an SFO based chef turns into an assassin to protect the divine Wu super power from wrong people.

Wu Assassins Trailer

The Family

Heard of conspiracy theories of Illuminati, Rothchilds’ ruling the world with proxies, Goldsteins and other Jewish families ? The Family is about the ultra conservative Christian group, its history and how the weild enormous political power through politicians and their global ambitions. The sensational saga of The Family can leave you depressed about the future of the world and may gain wrinkles earlier than usual. Nevertheless, it leaves you more intelligent and aware than earlier.

Watch the trailer for The Family here

Cable Girls Season 4

There was a time in Europe when women were the 2nd class citizens (and that after the Dark Ages were long gone), Spain had got their first National Telephone Company which employed four young ladies who came to be known as “Cable Girls”. Its a story of emancipation, freedom to the women which they could never imagine in that day and age. A fascinating watch to be honest.

Cable Girls Season 4 trailer

Binge on these and wait for us to come up with more.

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