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Things to Wait for on Netflix
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Things to Wait for on Netflix

There are plenty of things to wait for in life. A beautiful woman, a million dollar lottery, a BMW Seven Series and a lot of upcoming flicks on Netflix.

Here is the stuff you should be waiting for.

Elite Season 2

Its a chilling thriller drama of a few teenagers who have been given a scholarship to study at an elite school and how their lifestyles clash and a murder somehow happens. Originally made in Spanish, Elite keeps you glued to the ongoing disturbances and how one thing after another leads to a tragedy. The Season 2 of the series is set to be released on September 6. Have fun.

Elite Trailer

Mind Hunters Season 2

Another classic crime thriller awaits you all in the form of Mind Hunters where FBI agents study the psyche of the criminals to understand their thinking patterns to help solve other criminal cases. Coming out on August 16, you better get your Netflix package renewed.

Mind Hunters Trailer

Nicholas Cage movies LOL

Well, Nicholas Cage is a supremely untalented actor who can be seen in all genres of movies and somehow they all work well at the box office too. Cage is known to have donned disguises in the movies even though he looks the same in all of them. But then, Netflix has a lot of Cage movies which you must watch while reading this tweet.

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