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The Newest Shows on Netflix You must watch
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The Newest Shows on Netflix You must watch

Netflix is the hub of web shows and has marvellous movies and web series releasing with great viewership. Most of the times we don’t know which shows to watch and that is why Flyx is here for you.

Dear White People Vol 3 is streaming on Netflix and you shouldn’t miss it. This is about a group of students of color studying at Winchester University and live among the predominantly white people around them. This is about the daily issues they face w.r.t. the cultural bias, misinformed activism, social injustice, et al.

Here is the trailer for Dear White People

Derry Girls Season 2 is another sitcom which must be watched. With the background of 1990s Northern Ireland where a few teenagers grew up among the army garrison, check points, armoured Land Rovers, etc and how they go on about their lives.

Basketball or Nothing

A docuseries about basketball playing Navazo community High school students who sweat it out to up their game and win a state championship and bring pride to their already obscured community.

Binge on these and we will come back to you with more shows.

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