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The Mask’s 25th Anniversary and the Celebrations
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The Mask’s 25th Anniversary and the Celebrations

If you haven’t watched Jim Carey with his flexible and effortless comedy, you aren’t a comedy fan. On top of it, if you haven’t watched The Mask, you have clearly betrayed your childhood, and the adulthood and the Oldhood and the Post Modernist Stupidhood as well.

The Mask celebrated it’s 25th Birthday and the peeps have gone nostalgic about it. The Twitteratis, the Movie Studios and the movie reviewers have all joined to give us few of the best moments of The Mask.

Lo and Behold

It all started with Warner Bros reminding everyone about the anniversary

IMDb followed suit and called for a P.A.R.T.Y

Rotten Tomato took it even further

Then came UPROXX with the grossiest moment

Stanley is the bullet dodging, time bomb eating, Diaz romancing piece of Meat Ball

Then follows the praises

See Also

Passing of the baton

Pure Genius

We bet you will be watching the Mask atleast once this week. Go ahead, be a part of the crowd for once to attain the bliss. We won’t judge you.

P.S. It was Cameron Diaz’s debut movie. Don’t miss her.

Here are some funny scenes from The Mask!
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