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Netflix Series “When They See Us” has got 16 Emmy Nominations
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Netflix Series “When They See Us” has got 16 Emmy Nominations

When They See Us

Netflix (US) Series “When They See Us” has received a mammoth 16 Emmy Award Nominations along with Outstanding Limited Series.

For those who haven’t yet had a glimpse of the series, it is about an alleged sexual assault of a jogger in Central Park in 1989 and the subsequent arrest of 5 young men of color. The series deals with their struggle to get the charges cleared and the hope to be exonerated of the crime. The tragedy involves wrongful convictions of the young teenagers who were sentenced to prison and finally cleared off the charges in 2002 after their prison term got over.

An eventful and a chilling account of how these young men were forced to confess by the police and the case which brought their lives upside down.

Here is the official trailer for ‘When They See Us”

We hope you all will watch the series and share your feedback with us. It would be interesting to see if the audience agree with the Emmy nominations.

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